At One with Nature

Murumbang Interpretive Nature Walk, Ganmain

Murumbang Interpretive Nature Walk, Ganmain

THREE DAYS: Bethungra, Junee, Coolamon, Ganmain, Ariah Park, Temora

Day 1: Get in touch with nature; this outdoor adventure starts at the Bethungra Dam Reserve. Park your car near the Dam and enjoy a walk into the Ulandra Nature Reserve through native forests, until you reach the remains of the former homestead and well-maintained shearing shed with commanding views over the surrounding countryside. From here, trek back to Bethungra Dam, which is the perfect spot for a picnic and you can even throw the fishing rod in to pit your skills against those crafty Golden Perch. The dam also allows canoeing, sailing and has amazing spots for picnics. If you have a caravan or tent enjoy the sunset shimmering over the water, or travel back to Junee for an overnight stay.

Day 2: Make a visit to Coolamon’s Kindra State Forest which is home to a range of bike and walking tracks that will lead you on a journey of discovery. A short drive away is Ganmain’s Murumbang Interpretive Nature Walk, which takes you around the Ganmain Forest, railway dams and Boggy Creek. Various reptiles and amphibians can be seen, as well as wetland birds.  Head up Mary Gilmore Way and stay overnight at Ariah Park.

Day 3: Jump in the car early and head to Temora, where the Ingalba Nature Reserve (10 kilometres west of town) is home to various flora and fauna, making the hike a must-do. Then hire a paddleboat or take a refreshing dip in Lake Centenary. Explore the walking track around the lake’s edge which includes the Jim Salmon Wetlands, and take advantage of the free electric BBQs, perfect for enjoying dinner whilst watching the sunset over the water.

Cristy Houghton