Village Square

Ariah Park 1920s Heritage Village

Ariah Park 1920s Heritage Village

ONE DAY: Ariah Park, Beckom, Ganmain, Marrar, Matong, Ardlethan

This one-day drive takes you to a selection of the smaller villages on the Canola Trail. With each one as unique as the next, these villages have country character and a fascinating history that you can experience at your own pace. Don’t miss out on:

Ariah Park: Ariah Park Hotel, 9-hole golf course, swimming pool, Wheat Lumper statue, Echoes of Ariah Park Museum

Beckom: Mirrool Creek Nature Walk, Beckom Pub

Ganmain: Ganmain Cafe, Ganmain Bakery, Hay Display Centre, Historical Society Museum Complex swimming pool and Murumbang Walking Track

Matong: Berembed Weir Fishing & Recreational Grounds

Ardlethan: Kelpie Statue, Frank Bradley Statue, Ariah 62 Coffee Shop, swimming pool and London Hotel